Kisa Boutique

trust your wanderlust

Hi there.

My name is Emily. Emily Kisa. 

Since the very beginning of my memory I have always observed & created, hunted & gathered all things from shiny and bright to the quite-so ordinary and everyday.

Digging in the garden, mixing fresh kitchen-creations, hunting for shells near the ocean with my babies, draping and styling new lace creations for friends I have yet to meet – you might say that I like to work with my hands.

My handpicked, handcrafted jewelry tells it’s own story. From the lace, to the beads, to the leather or chain strap, these are ordinary pieces coming together from different worlds to create something new and beautiful.


Handmade treasures (there’s nothing quite like them, is there?).

Once a few years back, I traveled to Turkey as a student pursuing my fiber arts degree with wide eyes and sincere intentions to experience the bigness of the world. While there, would you believe it? I fell in love. If you meet him for yourself someday, you might just discover why he stole my heart.

Now with two babes we call our own, my simple yet strong Minnesota roots have been growing and stretching, ever so gently. With one foot in my homeland and another in his, my arms are ever-so-full of experiences.

And what about you? Your arms must be quite full too. Full of wonderfully round and deep-filled stories that are all your own. Perhaps some day we’ll sit together at my husband’s family café nestled right along the Aegean Sea. We can sit in the sun and sip from tiny blue teacups full of Turkish coffee and share a story or two.

I like that idea. Let’s plan on it.