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Riding the train...

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The train is the way to go. A=it’s cheaper B=it’s shorter and C=You can move around…really take the train as opposed to the bus if you can. Although I must note that they do have a really good system of big travel busses also. They run frequently and go to more locations than the train. But if your start and destination cities have a train...ride the train. The station in Istanbul is on the Asia side, Haydarpasa. It is an amazing, beautiful old building. You then have to take the ferry across to the Europe side and then bus, taxi, etc. to your next destination. Istanbul just received tons and tons of snow the last few days so everything was shut down and I am getting a late start on my week. Now sitting on the train there is a man snoring in front of me, ha-ha. A train garson(server) selling cay(tea) and Eti treats(Eti is the Little Debbie snack giant of Turkey) . Thank goodness I got a spot in the non-smoking car! Outside snow and lots of it cover the trees, the satellite dishes, ceramic tiles, sheep dogs, piles of plastic bags, cammiis(mosques), and these beautiful mountains…take the train.

P.S. America we suck for public transportation!