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Field trip...

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An International cable manufacturer in here in Turkey is partnering with my host university. The company sponsored us students to ferry boat across the sea and tour their company.

We got to tour the factory and see how they make all the different types of cables from different sizes of copper wires to fire resistant new technologies. I love learning about these industrial places. The large scale, the metal, the smells but I wouldn't want to work there. Nice place to visit...

After our educational tour of big business we art students were able to dig through the companies waste area digging out crazy materials, melted plastic forms, copper bands, colored wires etc. We were like kids in a candy store. It is funny when poor art students get things for free.

The point of this field trip is that the company will sponsor an art exhibition. We get free materials and they get publicity and a new use for their products. The art students will make sketches and small mock ups of future works. After a jury will decide whose pieces to sponsor and create full scale with any cable materials they like. It makes for a harmonious relationship.