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Field trip...part two...

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After our cable factory adventure we had few hours to kill before heading back across the Marmara sea via ferry boat(really nice big boat fyi). The company bussed us to a near by village of Zeytinbogi(a line over the g and no dot on the i). The old name is Tirili. I wonder why the changed the name? Zeytin means olive and there were olives for sale all over the city. Is it for this olive industry? I know turkey is trying the promote this trade.

It is a great village with winding streets. It is right on the sea. Here is an example of the beautiful olives and oils they had. These travels back in time are some of my favorite times in Turkey.

I hope these little villages can hold on.

We met this man when as we wandered the streets. We were admiring his camii(mosques) as he came walking out with his cane. His face screams kindness. Living in a language and culture different than my own I really like this heightened sense for body language, reading eyes. I also have met some nice Turkish friends who help translate. I have started to write down Turkish and this is helping me learn. He loved us visiting with him and we with him...makes me miss my grandpa. He explained to us he has lived in this village his whole life. A Turkish word for friendly is sicakkani I like this sicak means hot. Warm and friendly...

This is his school he went to. A grand old building that is in the process of restoration. He said they ran out of money though so the project is on hold. Any donations? he-he.

This is another character I snapped a photo of. He wasn't as friendly as our other friend or actually at all. He never cracked a smile but really classic character standing outside his store house watching the students mob through town. I need to paint some of these images!