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Hanging out the laundry...

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I haven't been posting this month because many wonderful things have been happening. I went back to Cali for a dear friends beautiful wedding. Then my amazing parents traveled many miles from Minnesota. We went around Istanbul, to the cave cities of Cappadocia and then went to meet my beautiful boyfriend's adorable parents in Didim. A few minor bad things are my photo shop trial membership ran out so I can't edit photos and the wiring at my Istanbul apartment is so bad that I am having major problems connecting the Internet. My beautiful computer is feeling very underutilized! Anyways everything went even better than expected with our parents and everyone should be expecting big news soon. One thing my parents and I discussed is why are there no dryers in Turkey? Is it because they are expensive? They suck up energy? They have most other appliances? Also their laundry washing cycles are about 2 or 3 hours long...huh? They just hang the clothes outside to dry or one big rack in their houses. I need photoshop again because I have many new photos to share. xoxo