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HONK-HONK-"hey look at me while you are peacefully walking down the street(side note actually you really need to fully stay awake and be aware of your surrounding when walking in Istanbul. I don't always feel secure even on the sidewalk.) HONK-HONK-I'm a taxi driver in Istanbul."

HONK-HONK-"hey look at me, I think that if I sneak up behind you and honk at you that you will want to magically jump in my taxi so I can try to ripe you off even though you had no intention of taking a taxi."

HONK-HONK-"hey look at me, Jump in my taxi, forget that I just scared you and made you jump 5 ft.(meters in this case) in the air and had no intention of taking a taxi or else you would be actively pursuing me."

HONK-HONK-"Hey look at me, You should jump in my taxi, just wanted you to know that I am here so you can get in but if not get the f-out of my way because I am not slowing down-actually I am going to speed up because there is no such thing as pedestrian right of way in turkey."

HONK-HONK-"move it or loose it sister(abla in Turkish) or get in so I can see that you are a yobanci(foreigner) and try to rip you off by not starting my meter or by charging you night rates during daytime hours or keep the meter going since before my last victim got out."

HONK-HONK-Hooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkk! just a quick HONK-HONK- "just to make sure you saw me and hey, do you want a ride?"

This is one of the pages from my Turkey Book. Last year I made a accordion style collage book about things I experienced and cultural differences in this then foreign to me land. The Turks are normally kind, considerate and extremely hospitable people...then they get into their cars. Madness!

My Cali friend and I used to always hold hands and mentally prepare ourselves for the crossing of the street and that was even in our little Eskisehir city. Also the truck hauling is hilarious(see my picture)! They are so overly stuffed full of whatever and sway slightly as they putt down the road.

Also the cars make up lanes. "Oh look there is a tiny little spot that I can squeeze through so I can make a third lane and get up front-great!" Pedestrian right of way seems to be unheard of. Seat belts are barely worn.

On a less comic note, sadly, there have been many deaths from this culturally accepted do or die way of driving.

My boyfriend came to the States, "wow. It's so calm to drive here." He is a good driver though.

Ok off to school and no I will not be taking a taxi.