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Meat in America is cut, cleaned and packaged(like many things). This builds such a disconnection that it once was a living breathing animal with a white breast or choice cut steak let alone other organs. Here in Turkey the butcher shops have the carcasses hanging in the refrigerated windows for all to see and come pick what you would like cut from this body. You go to the butcher shop the man opens the door and cuts you off what part you asked for. OK this may seem gross to some but think about how fresh it is. No plastic for it to sit around and leech from. Also some of the butcher stores specialize in the organs. Ciger is I believe liver and the cigerci store has all the "disgusting" parts of the cows and sheep displayed(reminder this is a Muslim country so forget the pork) and ready to sell, the hearts, brains, testicles, feet, tongues, intestines all that good stuff ready to go. I am trying to get in to it??? But not very hard. Makes me think of my grandpa and his pig's feet and Grammy loving cow's tongues. My boyfriend's mother had to quick fry him up some sheep's testicles before we left their house the last time we visited.If you can get past that it is a dead animal visually I think it is quite beautiful. They clean the parts so well. The repetition of multiple organs...hearts...etc.