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Our Gezgin Cafeemily kisa2 Comments

So we are opening a new cafe in sahte cennet. It is between aykbuk and didim, Turkey on the Aegean sea. The above is a photo of my entrenpurial husband, Caglar and the entrance to the garden. We have alot of work ahead of us but so exciting!Aren't the pillars impressive?(just kidding those are going!)

This is a view of the canopied middle part of the garden.

It is right on the water! The cafe itself isn't very big or impressive(yet!) but the garden is huge and again there is that blue water, mavi deniz. Also I am in love with that huge pine tree.

View down the coast...

View from the garden to the cafe. There is a little road that separates the garden and cafe. The cafe is the bottom floor of the apartment building. We will be able to close off the patio area for the winter months.

The current kitchen.

The current precious garden gnomes/ornaments (sorry those are going too!)

The ground breaking ceremony...if you will. Actually it wasn't ceremonial but notice how Caglar has a cigarette, flip flops on, no safety gear(eye glasses, long sleeves etc.) well that is exactly how the workmen are working. This is a difference I think between most Americans and Turks.

Anyways exciting! In the above photo they are moving the hatch where the pump truck comes two times per week to take the toilet water-yuck! We are also thinking about moving the toilet and making a second one. This initial part is workmen coming and going. I am excited for the painting/accessories part(as Caglar calls it). We need a name too! Any suggestions?????

The feel we want for the cafe is sea, colors, travel, fishing, sailing, books, plants with good but really simple food since we won't always be here to make it. Turkey doesn't really have thrift shops and no one has garages so those garage sales don't happen here. Also Caglar says Turks hold onto everything forever until it dies, none of the mass consumerism of America(although it is coming!) Anyways I'll update more later...