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moving the toilets...

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The photo above is initially where the one toilet was located. It was on the patio in a really awkward spot. So we decided to move it down inside the cafe where the kitchen was (see previous post) and make two toilets, bay/bayan = men/women.

So they tore out the kitchen cabinets, cleared out the space and started constructing walls out of these extruded clay bricks. These and concrete seem to be the bread and butter of Turkish construction.

So all the buildings are made from these materials. They pour a concrete frames then fill in the areas with these bricks. If they need a smaller brick they just chip it down the fit in the area. They are hallow so are easy to manipulate. When they started the plumbing work they chipped out areas to put in the pipes. They are using a PVC piping- no metal I am sure because it is way cheaper. Also they use these bricks because there is not much wood in Turkey for building. I wonder if there used to be alot of wood and has been depleted after so many civilizations???? The old ottoman houses were made from wood. Caglar really wants a wood floor but wood is really expensive here.

The walls are almost complete in the back. I know they will be stable and this construction is used all the time but I have also seen them quickly knock down these walls with a sledge hammer and they seem a bit precarious.

A sewage pipe in the floor. They had the jack hammer out for that one.

Finished constructing the walls and now started tiling. Notice how a space for the wiring and piping is jack hammered into the concrete and then will be filled with cement.

The stone/cement floor has been torn up on the patio. It will be evened out to make way for the new wood floor. Still a lot of work ahead. The foreman/my husband is on it! We will be going to Izmir at the end of the week to do the fun for chairs, tables, accessories etc.