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The bathrooms are now tiled. They need grout, fixtures and of course doors. The outside walls have also been tiled as well. That is where the sinks will go. And the floor has been tiled with an off-white.

Most of the debris has been hauled away and the floor has been evened out. Before there was a huge step in the middle of the patio. The hardwood comes next...what stain? light or dark?

The patio ceiling???? We are trying to decide how to tackle it. It is so freaking ugly now with plywood and poorly painted metal bars. We thought to cover the whole thing with more wood but then we loose a lot of head space. Also we can paint it but how will that turn out? Color? Or fabric covering? If anyone has any ides please comment????

This is getting exciting and I am starting to envision it as a whole not just a big mess. The walls are smoothing out, and my husband says the next part in mine, picking the paints, decorating etc. He keeps saying your the artist...oh yeah that's right? I feel slightly intimidated and at the same time enjoying it. I want to work and the work is for us. We plan to tackle the garden more this winter. We are going to izmir tomorrow to search for old wooden chairs, light fixtures, wall accesories, music system, plates, glasses etc. etc...We still have tons to do! Money is running thin so we need to be thrifty and creative.