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Mehmet amca

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He is either 85 or 95 depending on who you ask. He speaks in a Turkish accent that my husband can barely understand. He always says "bana bak"(look at me) but it sounds like "merhaba"(hello). This little man has lived here all his life in a tiny house on the corner before there was even a corner(before this housing site was constructed). He smokes one cigarette after another-butt to butt, never married but knows everything about the land here. He is a wealth of knowledge. He brought Ali a huge jar of 'get well soon' pine nuts that he had personally plucked from the pine cones around his house. He then proceeded to tell us how the birds put the sap on their cuts to help the healing process and we should to. He remembers meeting my dad with his big smile and told my dad(although my father didn't know it because mehmet was speaking in Turkish) all about the virgin Mary's(yes Jesus's mother) last resting place which is located literally an hour away(This is not a secret, come visit me and we can go). Birsen, my mother in law brought him some dinner the other night. There were tons of clouds in the sky. She said how she thought it would rain. He looked up and said no we won't get it. Of course no rain the neighboring city got it. When Caglar and his friends were teenagers they saw this old man fishing with a string. They teased him about not catching anything with that little string. He reached into the sea and plucked out bait of some sort. Baited his hook and little while longer guess what...a huge fish. That shut the boys up.

I want to write his stories down, these secrets of Didim.

Caglar's really cute too!