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Direct translation: easy come you. Every single Turkish person says this to other people who are obviously working, no matter the job, stranger or not. Basically, 'may your work come easy' would be it's real meaning. So I have heard this a ton as we work outside on the cafe.

We started painting the patio three days before. We decided to paint the metal beams a dark brown. I felt like I was painting with milk chocolate, yum. Then the rest of the plywood ceiling we varnished, natural. We started out just Caglar, me and the peanut gallery. The peanut gallery being all the neighbors that would come, drink tea, smoke cigarettes and tell us where we missed a spot. I wanted to point out our extra brushes but alas did not. Oh family, how I missed you even more than usual because I think I could have talked you into helping!he-he. Not just physically but with design ideas and painting tips.

When we were at the painting store I asked for sand paper for pre-sanding- oh you don't need it. I asked for dust masks-oh you don't need it. Then we all had a laugh about my American idea of super safety construction and turkey's- oh you don't need it this is Turkey approach.(see previous post). I did finally get some gloves and had to talk my husband into wearing them. Thank goodness we got Hussein Abi to help us! He is a local handyman and hard worker. The above photo is after the first day. Me and our pile of brushes and tiner(thinner- th is really hard for Turks to say, not in their vocabulary. It's really funny when Caglar does it but of course I am funny when I try to pronounce most Turkish words.) The sunset over the sea so we had to stop for the day.

The next day Hussein Abi came back to help. YES! We still had lots to paint! One of the students who lives upstairs started helping and then a bunch of his friends came. I must have thanked them a million times!

Caglar in action. mauh!

The tile brothers(three brothers- I love it!) did a great job tiling and grouting the kitchen area. It is fully tiled to protect against water damage and mold. There was lots of mold previously-ewww! We have gotten a few estimates to build kitchen cabinets. The money always goes so quickly!

The toilet tiles have been grouted. Also doors! The stickers need to be removed from the doors. We still need to install the toilets and sinks.

Thank you everyone! We took a beer and pide(Turkish pizza) break after a hard days work. I have decided to wear those clothes until we finish. This photo was day 2.

DAY 3: color!!

This is the left view from the street into the patio. We chose a bright color. We mixed red, yellow and a little white. It is a bright orangy pink as you can see. We like it! And the ceiling looks nice. I like the coral color with the chocolate. We need to paint the lamp wires(well we need lamps too but still haven't made it to Izmir- YET).

Middle patio view, that is where the bar is going to be. Whoop whoop!

This is the right view. The white wall will be covered and the white doors take you down into the cafe/ kitchen/ toilet area.

We are getting there! Tomorrow the wood floor, patio windows and doors should be installed.

Happy birthday aunt Polly (Sorry might not be the exact day but luv u)!