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So we are open! Today was our first day. But let me show you some more pics leading up to it...

Here is a photo from when we went to Izmir, a different bigger city, I wish I had more. We went and stayed at his auntie Necla's house (sounds like Nejla). She is hilarious. Her and her husband, Mehmet helped us around Izmir on our search for the older style wooden chairs in the above photo. One things about Turkey is there are VERY few second hand shops because they hold on to everything until it wears out. None of this redecorating your house every few years just because. Also if we found a second hand store it was kind of expensive. Also no one has garage sales. First off there are so few garages and secondly again they don't get rid of stuff. Back to our Izmir adventure...we drove all around the city hitting the potential second hand shops and finally we were creeping around these factories and found a guy who had made/refurbished the chairs we wanted. So we found them but with out pillows.

We worked on varnishing the floor. Initially we had gotten a clear varnish but then the second coat was a walnut and we are happy with the results.

Caglar checking out the kitchen. It has black counter tops with a little sparkle. The cabinets are a dark brown with cream trim. Caglar did a good job picking them out!

Although we have been working on the cafe for almost a month it really came together yesterday. We got the kitchen, toilets and sinks were installed, the bar came we finished varnishing the floor so here's a photo from last night seeing how everything will look. Starting to bring the furniture in. Oh yes and we got lights which was a huge part so we could work at night. Note the electrician kid on the side! Thanks!

Pinar(Caglar's sister) and I worked hard yesterday cleaning and putting away all the little things that certainly add up but you need, plates, spoons, tea glasses, bar glasses, etc, etc, etc.

Here is Pinar working away. I'm glad we did an open cupboard to see our colorful plates and cups.

Caglar's friend sent us some flags for a cafe. Still lots of bugs to work out but really we are proud of our new cafe. Gezgin means traveler in Turkish. I need to get back to work and will post more pics tomorrow!