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Happy Halloween

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Cadilar bayram, Witch holiday is how it translates. There is minimal celebrating here of one of my favorite holidays. You can maybe find a party if you looked hard in touristy areas but that just isn't the same, no tricking or treating from house to house. I did tell my Turkish family lots of stories from this costumed holiday. My sister-in-law, Pinar pulled through and surprised me with a Pumpkin. It is a funky green pumpkin with orange inside and a great woody stem. It is quite lovely.

We gutted it as usual. My kind husband thought I was quite smart opening the top and scooping the seeds out. I told him that I can't take credit and every American child has done this since they were old enough to hold a knife so to speak.

Baron, our nephew was eager to help. Reaching in and pulling out the gooey seeds. I think he kinda liked seperating the seeds from the smushy flesh. He had a system down, squeezed the goo so the seeds would shoot out through his fingers.

Baron was eager to check out my work and give enthusiastic bravos as he watched me cut the crooked teeth. My knives were a bit dull so I was sawing away a bit nervous that my knife could fly up and hit his little head that was so eager to see my every cut. Thank goodness I had it under control. The final product was ohed and awed at for the sheer fact of being a different fun something to do. It is sitting at the cafe and we have decided to light it every night Halloween or not.

The next big holiday here is the kurbani bayram at the end of November. Caglar's aunties, their husbands and cousins will be coming to Didim for this one. To spend some time with Ali. This is the holiday where everyone buys a lamb or cow, depending on how rich you are. You keep the animal for a few days, loving it and feeding it as a pet until this holiday comes. The animals are then killed and bled out on the streets mind you then the meat is given to the poor. Oh goodness this next holiday will be an interesting experience.