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My grandma always said when she got older she thought life would slow down but it just keeps going faster and faster. Oh gram(miss u)!

If you had terminal cancer would you want to know? Or would it douse your spirits so badly to find out that you would just give up? Every person is different and fortunately and/or hopefully (depending on who we are talking about) there are people around you that love you and know what is right for you.

Today we all took a nice walk together, all six plus Tequila. Caglar ran in and pulled the covers off his father and rallied everyone to come outside and enjoy the summer like weather. As we walked around the neighborhood Ali, Caglar's father was picking multi colored roses and sweetly presenting them to all of us girls. Baron, the nephew joined in after his grandfather presenting us with flowers all while being extremely aware of where the dog was(he is really scared of her). I must say that is a great thing to learn from to be sweet to the ladies.

It is interesting where life takes us.
(Wished I could have gotten a second walk in with my mama and aunties as well)