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Kas (Sounds like kaash)

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This is a beautiful city to the south. It is small and intimate city. This is where we were for our honeymoon and my b-day last June. We ended up camping seaside amongst the olive trees.

We took a boat cruise around the Mediterranean. One of Caglar's dreams is to have a big sail boat one day...ok I can get into that dream! Anyone want a ride? Come visit us!!!!

On the boat we went to a small village that is only accessible by boat. Caglar and I thought it was quaint and beautiful. Caglar told a local woman how much we loved it...that it was like heaven...she replied something like "just try living here." Meaning it is not as idyllic as we would like to think. It is hard to make a living being reliant on the sail boats packed with tourists.

The geranium beds over the water.

These determined villagers would actually row out to the big sail boats as we stopped for swims to try to sell us their hand crocheted headscarves and jewelry. Some with children in tow.

MAVI means blue in Turkish

Yeah Ruins!(Als that one was for you...think Cozumel circa 1996? he-he) But this is Kekova Island. It was inhabited then sometimes around 100 AD(so long ago) There was a big earthquake but the ruins are still there. It is illegal to stop on the actual island so the tour boats just slowly pass by. Mom and dad...I think those are some pigeon holes on the wall there same as Capadoccia??

As we made our way back to Didim after our loverly honeymoon. We were driving on this road coming out of Fetihye and kept seeing these areas, not one but many with these strange stuffed sheep and camels all lined up in rows. Talk about a hard way to make a living. I really wondered who possibly bought these silly little animals but I had to give these men extra points for lining them up beautifully along the road. I wonder who the first man to think of this idea was and if the others just copied the first man or if they could possibly work together. It really was a bit strange but as Caglar says, "life in Turkey is hard." It is hard for many to find work. We stopped to pretend to take a photo of the view when in reality I wanted photos of these strange stuffed sheep.

I am glad we stopped because we did get some good photos!