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I have talked about before the community my in-laws have retired to. Where we are staying is mainly summer homes(cabins for my midwesterners). So we basically have the place to ourselves and this makes for great harvesting of the bounties around the area. Ali is still picking roses for his ladies everyday. He walks around the neighboorhood clipping every color of the rainbow roses. There are lemon trees, spicy pepper plants and now is olive time especially. We have picked many bussels of black olives for eating and some to have processed into oil. I love in laws have the whole neighboorhood scoped out where the good this or that is growing.

Tonight Ali and I sorted the good olives and the wormy ones. The bad ones can be processed into oil. The good ones are washed and placed in big containers between layers of course salt. The green ones from the previous post you change the water everyday but the black ones just get treated with the salt and after 15 or 20 days are ready to eat.

The day was beautiful for harvesting. It had been raining the days before and there were big beautiful clouds in the sky. These trees are right on the sea. The rain had cleansed the air and the mountain across the sea was so clear. Also I had wonderful company.

There was also a little shooting practice going on with the baby gun(mom and dad he-he) I mean bebe gun. Caglar is practicing for Minnesota. I tell him stories of all the hunting and fishing he can participate in there!(motivation!)

Today Ali picked arugula from somewhere and yesterday he brought home some other leafy green. Birsen sauteed it up with a little onion and but some fried eggs on top. It was delicious and so very healthy! I like to think of my own grandma picking dandelion greens for dandelion salad.

I love it...I just went into the living room to see what everyone is doing and Ali and Birsen are sitting on the floor cleaning Ayva(a fruit) to make jam with.