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The neighboors sheep had twin lambs yesterday. Talk about cute tiny animals. They try to walk on their long legs and look so akward yet adorable.

The pictures don't do them justice but they are adorable.

There are a few men that herd their sheep through our neighborhood. Caglar was talking to one yesterday and we might walk with him one day. I think my mother snapped this photo when my parents were visiting us. Thinking about sheep herding makes me want to reread "the Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo. Currently I am reading "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. The world-famous bestseller about "man-made pollutants that threaten to destroy life on this earth." This book helped get DDT banned. This is an old book but I think still relevant to the times. I will comment more after I finish reading it. Also friends and family...when I come to MN in December please can we trade books!!!! I need English books for Turkey please!

The Kurban Bayram, The Great Sacrifice holiday, starts December 8-11. Caglar informed me that most people buy male sheep for the festival. I think there are taboos about killing female sheep since they can be mothers but the female sheep are cheaper to buy. I am interested to find out more as the time closes in. We will probably buy two sheep, one for Ali's health(It is a miracle his cancer has shrunk) and one for the family in general. There was a suggestion to sacrifice one more for our new marriage but Caglar thinks we don't need three.

Also congrats to my little brother, L to the J and my friend, Maria on their engagement. If you were living in Turkey now we would probably buy a sheep for your prosperity also. Tebriklar- congratulations!!!!