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Zeytin yag=olive oil

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Together we picked 37.2 kilos(about 82 pounds) of olives. This is not counting the olives we have at the house that are curing to eat.

We took them to a local olive oil processing plant named Array zeytinyag fabrikisi and traded our olives for 6 liters of oil. Our olives only equaled 5 liters so we payed 10 YTL for the extra liter. Here is Birsen with the owners/workers of the plant. They were nice men and eager to give us a full tour of the plant once they found out I am from the USA. They are eager to do buisness and I said I would check back after talking to Caglar...maybe??????

Here is Birsen inside the factory. The big machine behind her is the first in the process to take the oil from the olive.

This is a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey. His portrait is hanging in every building in Turkey. These are also different awards and organic certificates the owner wanted me to see for our future "business venture".

We tasted two different oils. I think it was the acidity level that was different, one a 3 and one 0. The 0 was much smoother, less tart and we took 6 liters of that.