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home for the holidays...

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I am sitting at the airport getting ready to board my first of three flights to get back to Minnesota for Christmas, unfortunately with out my husband who I will miss terribly. But this is the life of loving a foreigner and my family, some time apart. We took Tequila to the dog school/doggie hotel. She threw up two times in the car since we had to travel two hours, poor thing. Caglar's auntie Nejla came along. I adore her she is so funny. She is scared of getting some disease from dog or cat hair so she rode with a napkin over her mouth the whole time, talking through it. I guess it doesn't sound as funny as it was but she is a doll. The school has a good reputation and having a puppy is almost as much work as a kid.(Note: Please only buy a dog if you realize how much work, time and responsibility it takes and are up for the challenge, or else it just isn't fair to the animal.) Birsen can't do it by herself while looking after Baran and Ali since I am in USA for a month and Caglar Eskisehir. I am flying out of Izmir and saw my first glimpses of Christmas decorations. We went to buy some decor for the cafe from the boxes of cheap plastic decorations seen above, oh all the plastic. See some of you soon!

Side note: I am so excited to not smell lamb cooking...blah and barf! Birsen is so sick of cooking it also! Baked lamb's neck, boiled lamb with potatoes, lamb with spaghetti, (I could probably go off like the shrimp guy in Forest Gump...but just don't have the passion he had). Anyways I have been eating broccoli and peanut butter bread for days since I really do not like the smell or taste of lamb, I try to really but blah! I am excited for some pork though.(For those that don't know Turkey is a predominately Muslim country and Muslims don't eat pork.)