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Back in Amerika...

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Note about the above spelling: In Turkish the "c" is a "j" sound so they add a "k" to America's spelling instead. I previously always referred to my country as USA or "the States" but Turks refer to it as Amerika and I do as well when in Turkey but now I am back in The United States of America...

Minnesota actually, The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes where the temperature is curently 12 degrees Farenheit which equals -11 degrees Celcius. Yes it is Chilly in the great north but I have been dreaming of a white Christmas, actually a Christmas at all. I became elated while washing my hands in the bathroom of one of the many airports during my long journey back to hear some Christmas carols. Again, Turks are mainly Muslim so Christmas is very minimally celebrated. Some celebrate Baba Noel(Father Christmas) and have a little plastic tree with lights but here in Minnesota we are fortunate to have a plethora of fresh pines to choose from for this grand tradition of The Christmas Tree.

This one is Sixteen feet which is 4.88 meters. It is our own family tradition to get one as tall as our vaulted ceiling will let us. We will decorate it today as the family collects and decorate while listening to Frank Sinatra sing Christmas songs.