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trust your wanderlust


Minnesota, Travelemily kisaComment

Although it is literally -20F which equals -29C and I have the chance to escape to the warmer climate of Turkey it is still bitter sweet. I miss my husband terribly and not a day goes by that I ever regret marrying him but once I leave Minnesota I know I will miss my family terribly. I have had pretty steady wanderlust since the age of 18. It was always easy to go but lately that excitement has given way to some new sadness. I can't quite figure it out? Maybe because now I fly across the ocean instead of across the states to Cali. Or is it because I am married and have this wonderful husband that my old familiar life barely knows? I think I feel like if I fully give into living in Turkey that we will never come back to the States as we have planned, why do I do this to myself? Where has my vagabonding spirit gone? Reverted back into my roots?

The above photo was taken on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. So beautiful but bitter, bitter cold!