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Fish fry Turkish style...yummy! Sardalya which I think translates to Sardines were fresh and delicious. We usually fry up Hamsi, another kind of small anchovy but this time the balıkci was out. The Sardalya were a little bigger but just as fresh and delicious. You just coat them in flour and salt and fry them out side to save your house from the smell. Pop them open, easily debone, squeeze with fresh lemon(from the tree in the yard) and enjoy. We had a huge salad to accompany it. Normally in many houses in Turkey the salad is communal, everyone just dips their fork or bread when they want, which I like. Also my mother-in-law made a fabulous lentil soup, mercimek in Turkish. She took chicken stock, lentils, tomato paste(salça in Turkish and an ingredient heavily used ingredient)then purees it all together. Of course there was plenty of fresh bread. A delicious Turkish dinner that reminded me of Etzel family fish frys when the boys would bring home tons of sunnys from the lake...yummmy!