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Islak hamburger

foodemily kisa2 Comments

Islak means wet so...wet hamburgers which doesn't sound that appealing when translated for some reason. I promise these are yummy though! There is a whole corner dedicated to this Istanbul fast food at the end of Taksim's Beyoğlu. The buns are soaked in tomato sauce but not soggy, more sticky I guess. You sprinkle some red pepper flakes inside(I like to add pickles inside-yes, I'm a little obsessed) wash all this down with fresh squeezed juice of almost any variety, orange, pomegranate, carrot, grapefruit, but my favorite is the mixed. My husband and I always go there at least once(if not more) and stand in the square people watching with our hamburgers. There are a bunch of stands with basically the same products competing for your business but probably the best if you do decide to sit is Bambi Cafe. These fast food stands have other tasty fast foods too but you have to try an Islak hamburger!