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Election time...

Burası Türkiyeemily kisa1 Comment

It is local election time in Turkey. I missed the campaign madness in the States for this last presidential election and forget all the tactics. In Turkey flags such as the above litter the sky line with party colors and logos, more heavily concentrated outside campaign headquarters and city centers. I thought this photo makes election time look peaceful as the sun was setting and the 'vans' were tucked away for the night. What I mean by 'vans' is that the daily attention getter is party 'vans' driving up and down every street...blaring and I mean blaring loud Turkish music from scratchy speakers on top of their heavily bannered 'vans'. I find it very obnoxious and think if I could vote in Turkish elections I would ALMOST vote for the party that didn't have a 'van'. This is of course not true and I still have lots to learn about the complexities and intricacies of modern Turkish politics and their multi-party system.