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We got our darling 11 month old spayed a few days ago. "fixed" is what they call it but she is so broken right now poor thing! Not a good term for it!

As most know from my earlier posts that Tequila's heat cycle was a nightmare filled with blood and lurking male dogs. Since we are expecting a baby of our own we decided we didn't need Tequila to have any of her own. Although it was hard especially for my husband we took her to the vet and had her uterus and eggs taken out. The above photo she is knocked out strapped to the operating table. It is major surgery and our puppy is moving pretty slowly lately. She seems confused why she can't run and jump and bark like she once did. Her eyes look sadder because she must be in pain. Hopefully she will heal quickly with lots of good nurses around her! Geçmiş olsen Tekila!