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Happy birthday Çağlar!

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So I made some of my gram's chocolate crazy cake for a surprise...honestly it turned out just ok. I am not sure why? Different ingredients? I wasn't sure about the cocoa or the vinegear I used was grape vinegear? Or maybe I think I could have cooked it just a few minutes longer??? I'll consult my momma later...

My cute auntie gave me the recipe(thanks Janie) and then my dad scanned my mother's hand written recipe cards which I adore(also thanks mom and dad)!!!!The 8 hour time change can be really tough sometimes! That double frosting above is the best and I promise this recipe is good for those that try.

Either way it's my husband's birthday and he was of course gracious about my ok cake and reminded me that I am the best cookie maker(he hasn't had my dad's yet)...

He is so sweet.

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