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Gezgin garden remodel...

Our Gezgin Cafeemily kisa2 Comments

We have been working hard landscaping our Gezgin cafe's garden with the help of two gardener's and our beloved university student helpers. So far we added spruce? tree "fences" on both sides to really distinguish our area from the neighbors. They will look great once they grow in a bit.

My sister-in-law and I worked hard painting our picket fences and all the bricks around the garden beds. Now it seems to be more hurry up and wait. The pace is just different in this country. We are waiting for the gardener's to come back to plant a bunch of lemon trees around the corners and to bring the flowers for the beds. Hey, Master gardner's club...could you guys please fly out to give us some good advice...he he...if only it was closer huh? We are still trying to decide which carpenter to use to make new chairs, tables and benches. We are looking for new lights to border our area and lights to hang from our trees. I think we are going to put a small bar out under my favorite huge pine tree. It is going to be good we hope and of course the natural view of the sea is the real prize!!! Come and have a cold beer or a smoothie(I'm going to start making ice cream and fruit yummies for this hot weather)! Will post completed pics later...

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I have plans to make our website just need to figure out how first???? Any suggestions?