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"Have you seen my rose-tinted glasses?"

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Hubby and I went on a little adventure yesterday to Kuşadasi to visit some friends. We toured in our new to us- used Suzuki Samurai(yes friends so similar to my old tracker just white instead of pink). We nicknamed it Kangaroo because it bounces so much...our unborn child was not happy about this! Don't ride in bouncy cars for an extended period of time when you are 8 plus months pregnant- not ok! But we made it safely back with the help of several breaks and no premature labor thank goodness!

In Turkey gas(petrol) is about 3TL per LITER. Which means there are 3.785411 liters per Gallon in USA and 4.54609 liters per gallon from UK. So 3TL x 3.785411= 11.36TL per gallon / dollar exchange rate of $1.4 = $8.11 per gallon. So my darling Americans when u get sad or frustrated by gas prices just remember the rest of the world has it much more expensive! So people explore other methods like Tüplu, natural gas to run the car. Our little samurai has a black cylinder in the trunk where you fill it with natural gas and it only costs 1.68TL per Liter. I was initially worried about the safety of this method but my father assured me it is a great developing technology, our Tüplu araba.

Also my most recent column is out from Voices newspaper. My search to find balance between my love and dislike of everything Turkish in "HAVE YOU SEEN MY ROSE-TINTED GLASSES?"

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