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Our Gezgin Cafe in Sahte Cennet

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We have slowly been adding to our family owned and operated Gezgin Cafe, Traveler's cafe since we opened last October. We are located in Sahte Cennet area between Didim and Akbük. You just follow the big road running parrellel to the sea that takes you from Didim to Akbük. Follow the "Y" to the right, continuing down the road past Uslu sitesi, past Çamkent Sitesi, go right again at the next "Y" and past Adnan Menderes Universitesi. There will be a strip of cafes. We are the 4th one down...keep a look out for our blue direction pointer! It is before the big Club Sahte Cennet.

We still have lots of Turkish and English books and magazines as well as games; Monopoly, Uno, Jenga, lots of Tavla(backgammon) of course and more! We recently purchased new, even comfier white cushioned benches with tables. Come in and relax! We are open all year but the garden is the place to be at this time of the year!

Here is our bar...the Efes draft is always cold and to give it that extra chill we have frosted mugs ready in the freezer! We also have bottled beer, Efes and Miller light if you prefer. We have a cappuccino machine also ready to make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. We have a full bar with vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila and scotch. A full array of mixers; red bull, soda, fruit juices and colas. Things for the kiddies too...

We have gourmet Carte d'Or ice cream. The flavors are always changing and everyone has their favorite; walnut, pistachio, lemon, Mulberry, Strawberry, cappuccino, chocolate to name a few!

Lots of hammocks, big pillows, lounge chairs and benches for relaxing or just taking a break from swimming!

Our beach is perfect for swimming! The water is very shallow, calm and clean! It is nice break from Altinkum because it is not so crowded, which I love! Kids welcome also!

Also we have the best trees on the block. My favorite is the beautiful pine tree on the left. A wonderful natural umbrella from the hot sun. We have a sound system out under the trees with relaxing music during the day for sun lounging and snacking then more up-beat music at night...

Good for a little dancing under the pine tree!

Night is the best to be outside in the summer! The weather is perfect right next to the sea! Relax, chat, and have a cocktail with your friends! We love all sizes of groups. We have had sünnets, birthdays, anniversaries and can accommodate any parties you would like! I am always checking my email so leave your contact info or call the cafe directly...I will write the info at the end.

Lots of fun to be had! Come visit us at Our Gezgin Cafe in Sahte Cennet...

Fevzipaşa mah. Cennet cad. No:7/35
Didim/ Aydin

Tel: 0.256.846.2218

Check my blog's labels on the right for "Our Gezgin Cafe" to read more about our remodeling story! My husband and I worked really hard with lots of help and some funny stories!

Food pictures to come later! We have homemade Köfte(meatballs) with chips(french fries), Gözleme(Turkish crepes) with cheese or potatoes inside, Töst (grilled cheese sandwiches) and Turkish kavaltı(breakfast with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese, an egg, bread and jam)