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Ramazan başlıdı

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Ramazan in Turkish, Ramadan in other Muslim cultures started yesterday. This festival lasts a month where devotees fast from the first Azan, call to pray at sunrise to the last Azan, at sunset. Very strict Muslims fast food, drinks even water, cigarettes, sex, everything in excess and then are allowed food once the sun sets. Some even wake up before the sun rises to quick get a bite in before the long day of fasting.

My husband and family don't practice this tradition which I am happy for because it just seems so intense! There are lots of angry people driving around during these days; hot, hungry and not smoking cigarettes.

Often times more moderate Muslim people choose one thing to give up, similar to Lent in Catholicism. Our neighbor has given up alcohol for a month, a little detox. The fasting practice is to teach patience, modesty and spirituality...ok I can understand that.

But with Ramazan fasting happening all around me I want to talk food! There are tons of special breads and dishes only made around this time I need to learn more about.

My previous post I described my creative hiatus. My lack of completing painting, drawing etc but I realized I have been cooking lots of yummy things!

Turkey has so many beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. In Didim the pazaar happens every Saturday and gives so much to work with especially in the summer months. Everything is seasonal and grown in Turkey except the Chiquita bananas.

Cooking here takes creativity because I don't have all the ingredients for my recipes but it has definitely caused me to become more in touch with the food and flavors. Instead of just following the recipe I improvise alot!

My new favorite website is Jamie Oliver's, The cute English "naked chef".

Anyone know of any other great cooking sites?