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37 weeks...

Pregnancyemily kisa6 Comments

I am now 37 weeks pregnant. I am belly is big, my breasts are big, my moles are big, my hands are big, my feet are big, my hips feel big, my emotions are memory is small though(I have the pregnancy brain- uh what was I doing?)

We are ready to meet our child, to kiss her, to smell her, to see what a mixture of our two families she looks like. Her due date is September 13th(my beautiful parents anniversary). Of course only like 5% of babies come on the due date and time does fly!

I am also ready to have my body back. Although I still have some fear for the laboring process especially in this foreign land I am also so pregnant and everything hurts just a little from carrying around 12 extra kilos(26 pounds). And really I never knew one could pee so often...

I moan when I get up, I ache when I go down, I waddle everywhere and I can't do most things myself anymore. A painter came yesterday so the ceiling are no longer chipping away and a cleaning women came today to help with the mess and give us a full sweep through to get us ready. I am stubborn and still think I can do it myself- then I try to bend down- lots of grunting and heavy breathing-forget about it- give in to the help! Thank goodness the cleaning women came because I started trying to clean myself yesterday(with the help of hubby)but I am hurting because of it today.

My husband knows my tone, the way I say his name when I have a project for him. Because although my memory is impaired, my list writing skills are very keen right now! My list, his list, our list:) He is a trooper and he knows how to make me laugh when I want to cry:)

It is good that baby growing takes so long, 10 months, why do they say 9? You have a while to get used to the idea. I quickly got over the initial shock of "oh my goodness we are pregnant" and have gone through many stages currently having progressed to the "We are so excited to meet her and now please give me my body back!"

Anyone know of an actual massage therapist in Didim? I wish...

Most important of all this is please just let our child come healthy...her mommy can hold out, "take one for the team" (yes, me in third person) and really I have been really fortunate to have had a healthy pregnancy just these last few days I have been feeling so big!