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old post...marriage

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I am going back through all my old posts labeling...not fun...advice is to label from the beginning but found this old post about before we got married in Turkey June 2008.

So here's my old post and mark my words we are still going to have our wedding party in America! It will just include a meet our little daughter part also!(two years later) This post is from when I was debating on whether or not to make my blog personal. Well I definitely open it right up...

When I started this blog I wanted to keep it about some of my experiences in Turkey but to not get too personal but here goes...

So we did it! We got married, my beautiful Turk and I. I have been on hiatus from the blog, not sure what I want to add. The above photo is of where I got my wedding dress. It was a surreal whirlwind experience of planning this party in two days. We were just going to go to the government building-justice of the peace style and have a party later. It is hard both having amazing friends and families but in different countries and on such short notice. Caglar's friend regretted not having a party and his family never forgave him so he took it upon himself to plan. His friend took us to the old shopping center and the top floor is only wedding dresses but Turkish wedding dresses with fluff and flouff and glitter and polyester and layers upon layers upon fake flowers and glitter and ruffles. It ties to my earlier blog entry of Delightfully tacky...

My dress turned out to be beautiful though. I kept saying to keep it small, less poof. I tried on a few and then found a beautiful one, initially didn't zip up the back so the women just tore out the zipper and put in a lace up back, like on a corset. We had our clothes and were ready for the ceremony.