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Elimination communication; ie: baby potty training!

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Ok so I heard about this from my sister...she had been in Costa Rica for the summer working at this enviromental learning center, Rancho Mastatal in the jungle... pretty sweet but that is a different story.

She told me how the little girl who was only one year old would use a hand signal when she needed to use the potty. She can't talk yet but is signally for the potty! My sister suggested I teach Mavisu to do the same.

At first I thought it seemed a bit crazy, let's be honest but was willing to at least read the book and give it a try.

I got the book from the library and it took me forever to read as I have a newborn and life is on baby does the time fly by? (oh but I love her so much!)Tip to new moms...have it close to you for everytime you breast feed you can read.

So I read Ingrid Bauer's book, Diaper free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygeine. and it made a lot of sense. That this early potty training only actually sounds crazy to the western world. That you tune into your child and watch facial expressions and noises to know when they need to relieve themselves.

So I started with Mavisu yesterday...and havn't had time to write about it...

life is different these days...been trying to finish this blog entry for days!!! but i am a new momma who can't seem to find the time and must learn to do all things one handed!!! love it but is a whole new world!!!!!!

i'm tired...will go into detail later about how it is baby using the potty...

note: her leg warmers for easy diaper on and off...ohhh she is cute!