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When I was younger I never thought I was a good writer. Then I took my first college english course and the teacher kept telling me to "write what you know." I wrote about our Johnson family Christmas tree hunt with my father as the leader of our pack...can't find the original story but the memories are always strong...especially this time of the year...strong family tradtion...

Every year shortly after Thanksgiving KAJman(our dad) would dawn his bright orange hunting hat signaling it was time for the hunt...hunt for the year's trophy 18 foot Christmas tree.

Our family would get all bundled up, boots, hats, mittens, down jackets, scarves up to our eyes...four children plump from all the layers loaded into the "woody" station wagon all fighting for the back seat. The hidden seat in the trunk so you looked out at the cars behind you. After all settled into our positions, dad prepared with a full 12 pack of Diet Coke under his legs or was it the megaswig stage at this time? Dad would turn the inginition and we were off up the highway to some remote tree farm in northern minnesota where my dad knew we would find the perfect tree.

My parents house has gorgeous 18 ft. ceilings in the living room and my father placed special hooks so the tree sat perfectly in the middle of the stained glass window. Gorgeous every year...

This year is different with our missing link. We decided to put the tree outside this year and decorate with popcorn and cranberry strings, pinecones with peanutbutter and birdseed, all food for the birds. As the topper we used dad's signature bright orange stocking cap as our shining star tree topper, our angel!!!!

We love you dad!

Also Mavisu is growing more beautiful everyday! She just got over her first cold and we are getting eager to see her daddy when we go back to Turkey in January.

Hope all are having a good holiday season whatever holidays you celebrate! Hope it is filled with love and time to be with those loved ones! xoxo

Mavisu is getting ready...with her party dress on! Will take picks of the outside tree soon.