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Back in Turkey

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We made it safely back to Turkey after our four months in Minnesota. As I have said a million times it is so bittersweet but back in Baba's arms, with my husband, to be our little family. As we know fathers are so important and my husband needs a chance to learn to be a good one and baby dear needs to bond!

It took me a little longer to get over jet lag since can't sleep when I want revolves around my little miss Mavisu. She is back on her schedule now too thank goodness.

We moved into a new house and are back living in Eskişehir. Ç found us a big house I think to welcome us back and make me feel better about coming back. We need to be in one place for a while. It is an American style house with a garage, basement, bathtubs and vaulted ceilings. It is nice just a little overwhelming to be unpacking and cleaning with a baby but slowly slowly...different priorities now different pace.

Being new parents my husband and I have found a whole new respect for our parents. It is hard stuff, parenting this little being that is completely dependent on you, all encompassing and completely beautiful:)

It is such a learning process with a steep learning curve. I had a chance to start learning with the help of my momma but now we have to work together as parents!

The last two nights she has had a couple crying fits during the evening time...her time to mootz(have spelled that correctly mother?)...a fussier time. She is a really good baby but sometimes she gets a little fire inside her and not much can help except nans(nursing) and if not that then-fresh air. It is funny she can be ballllling and then the second we step outside she quits. We tried almost everything possible last night indoors then Ç suggested car ride- perfect!

We all got bundled up. Hit the fresh air- stopped crying! Hopped in the car-silence is truely golden. We were so relaxed because of the silence Ç joked we should just start living in the car. Put a little table in the middle- eat there- maybe take turns driving-sleeping- I was cracking up!

The funny thing about Baby girl loving the cold is the Turks fear of it(talked about in previous posts). I took her for a little baby bjorn walk all bundled up in her snow suit with hat, gloves etc. to the market yesterday for her sake and mine(must get out of the house sometimes!). And I anticipated this happening but the second I was in speaking distance to a Turkish woman she says to me "napiyorsun kizim, çok soğak!" -"what are you doing my girl, so cold!" I tried to explain that her snow suit was thick but couldn't think of the word for thick(just found it-kalın- really diving into learning the language!) and it just came out as "buyuk"-big but after that just smiled and let the woman look at our beautiful little child and continue on her way muttering about how cold it is...

The above photo was after a 2 hours inconsolible crying bout where I had her in the front sling with a blanket around us both standing outside swaying and singing at the top of my lungs(hello new neighboors:) until she finally fell asleep sucking her thumb looking rather angelic. And as frustrated as I was and as BAD AS MY BACK HURTS ohhh I love that little girl! Maşallah!

Found this from

After the intensity of adjusting to life with a new baby, many parents reach a point where they find they're like ostriches lifting their heads out of the sand to discover a wider world — the one they took leave of, temporarily, after the birth. The repetitiveness and endlessness of baby care can also be very different from the pace of work, especially if you're used to a goal-oriented job or lots of adult interaction

I think my head is starting...slowly to lift...

If you can't read it that well go here

must go baby girl is awake and baba needs a lesson on our cloth diapers!

xoxo thanks to those who still read!