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Thumbs up for cereal!

Baby dear will be five months tomorrow. We tried some rice cereal a few days ago just for fun. She can sit up like a big girl in her Bumbo and really liked to taste her cereal!

Snowed a lot today...big fluffy flakes...the reminded me of cottonwood trees and how when dad was loosing his hair he said that was how he a cottonwood with his blond locks...

We stayed inside for most of the day (Of course that has been a majority of my last 5 months:) but baba could be with us.

I made some yummy soup/stew concoction finding inspiration from my mother and mother-in-law. My mom is the BEST at cooking many things but especially whatever is in the fridge soups. Just keep adding things and serve the the family warm goodness. My mother-in-law is great at starting with an onion, adding a vegetable some Salça (tomato paste) and salt-maybe a little ground beef or another veggie and you again have a warm delicious meal.

My stew:

1/3 chunk of socuk(Turkish sausage)
chopped then sauteed onion and carrot
mushroom stalks I had and celery root greens sauteed
Added lentils and 5 times the amount of water
spoonful of tomato paste, salt, pepper
And cook about 30 minutes to taste
had boiled some cauliflower I added towards the end
Fresh chopped parsley

eat with delicious kaymakli yogurt on the side and fresh bread

End the night exhausted but cuddling with the hubby in front of the fireplace...passed out!