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Kapı kırı köyü and Lake Bafa

Burası Türkiye, Travelemily kisa1 Comment

We; baby girl, the cute in-laws and I went on an adventure to the village of Kapı kırı. Herakleia is it's name from Greek mythological times with ruins to prove it. It's a beautiful drive through olives groves to the base of the Beşparmak(five finger mountains)or Latmos Mountains.

Located on Lake Bafa about 45 minutes from Didim. It is a quaint little village built on top and amidst the ruins. An ancient piece of marble just chilling in the parking lot:)

We had such a wonderful breakfast, Turkish style at the Pelikan Pensiyon. We admired the lake view with crumbling castles mixed with milking cows as we mmmmed and ahhhed over our fresh eggs, homemade jams of fig and mulberry, tomatoes, cucumbers, locally made olives in olive oil. We smeared butter and honey on fresh bread as we peered down the ravine and spotted the boxes of bees making their honey from the wild flowers popping up around the hillsides. There was a delicious salad medley of parsley, scallion greens, tomatoes and a crumbly white cheese.

Warm tea in a cool rain. After eating lots a rain storm came through just long enough so we could enjoy one last tea...

We meandered our way up the path to one of the many crumbling but beautiful and revealing proofs of a previous time, a different way of life.

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Good day, felt like a traveler I got myself to this land in the first place...