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Walking and making...

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As many people know being a momma is no joke. It is a full time job, a different kind of full time like 24/7 and if you don't know what I mean check out some articles...

The story from Babycenter, How Motherhood Makes You Smarter and 42 things that change when you have a baby

As I have mused before that I LOVE being a mom but need some me time!

I was really struggling to find that time because I was searching for time like I used to have- being able to sit and sew, paint(insert something creative) for hours on end, working out projects, testing techniques, making messes, hating my projects then eventually being pretty proud of myself or having learned something at least:)...

Well time is not my own anymore and I have moved 10 times in the past three years and my stuff is at 5 different houses currently(ekkk-I am ready to replant some roots!)

So my excuses come down to time and space. I need to become portable and embrace a new creative process...portable and compartmentalized...

So this is my long way of saying I have really been enjoying taking photos lately.

Baby girl, Tequila and I go for walks everyday next to the sea. I quickly(key to it all) load up her stroller so stuff is popping out of the back storage compartment. I push her stroller to the limits- off-roading on the bumpy rocky terrain that is Didim. Her little body bobbling in the stroller. She LOVES to be outside! My husband wonders just how long the stroller is going to hold up?

One nice thing about the rocks everywhere is that my dog has endless balls...pick up a rock...throw it and of course repeat...she loves retrieving but hasn't gotten the release down yet but have no fear...there is another rock!

Initially, this walk is white rocks, the Aegean sea and low lying shrubbery. As I walk...I notice more and repeat