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Gözleme and Didim on the TV

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Gözleme is usually translated as a Turkish-style pancake but from my world view I would compare it to a stuffed thin tortilla or crepe. The actual "bread" part is called a yufka and of course most delicious fresh made! We were lucky our neighbor was making some last Sunday...yum!

She rolls the dough out with a thin rolling pin until translucent on that little table made just for this. Then adds delicious things like spinach, cheese and herbs. She also made spicy ones with peppers added. Lots of good olive oil!

Spooning sweet tahini (sesame paste mixed with sugar and water) with olive oil...

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The final product cooked on a heated metal dome. Texture and taste are wonderful!

Also just as yesterday I was complaining that after 3 yrs the goverment has not lifted the ban on youtube- guess what today it is open! Finally!

So I happily watched House Hunters International's program on Didim...who knew...

You can watch parts 1,2,3 here (even if you live in Turkey now!)

Also I can find you a house:)!

Also here is Istanbul on the Bachelorette TV show...I'm just saying people I live in a cool place...come visit please...also the cistern is magical...