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Leaving your country brings out the chef in you!!!

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Kumpir My husband can cook...

Kumpir in America

Really well???...


I NEVER knew this when we lived in Turkey!

KUMPIR in america

But aren't we lucky that he is craving flavors from his homeland!

This deliciousness is my husband's version of a kumpir- crazy loaded baked potato with lots of butter and cheese whipped into it!

He made his own!

He made the olive paste-!

The spicy pickled beans were grown and canned locally by a dear friends (jack and bob)! Yum!

He made sausages with a secret tomato sauce...again...yum!

Soft boiled eggs are an art I have had to master being married to my man!

You can play with the combo but this was a good one!

Love how he put it into one of my grandma's old bread baking tins! Classy!

This Kumpir street food is made most famous in the Ortakoy neighborhood of Istanbul. Here is my momma and I indulging when my parents visited us in 2008- pre-marriage and babies:)

Around MN our transition is still going slowly...with good days and bad...but at least we can laugh and know we love each other which flows down to our babies!

Enjoying the green everywhere!

Gardens growing!


Learning, loving...figuring things out...

My husband can cook?!?!?!