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Stone houses and adventures; Minnesota and Turkey

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Recent article, Honed in Stone from the Star Tribune, Minnesota's local newspaper got me remembering our last Macera, Adventure in Turkey...Doğan Bey village just a car ride away between Didim and Kuşadası.

Love for all stone homes!

Tucked on the edge of a national park; Millipark, it is a wonderful example of an old greek fishing village, old stone houses beautifully, tastefully restored. Here's a thread

There's a little museum with a caretaker to tell you about the area, tell you how you may restore a house of your own...we want one! But that day we settled for meandering around the twisting tiny stone roads...

Travel Turkey

Travel Turkey

Adventure Travel Turkey

After Curiosities...

And a very Fresh Lunch!

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For now here is our theme song...Macera dolu Amerika, America is full of Adventure!

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I really want a stone home in both our worlds...

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