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Do frozen blueberries make you wiggle?

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It makes my littlest bigs, my 10 mo. old beauty wiggle and wiggle; arms flailing, legs flailing and then she pointed at her tray...for the first time! Communication!

Joy. Joy. Joy. Little things...

Wanted to share this linked I stumbled on things and people. I'm in love. In love with the idea and mad I didn't think of it before but it is a lovely read and lovely photography. I guess there is a PBS documentary... dear PBS please re-air. thank u.

I have been browsing the web a lot lately a bit of a luxury for me/work hunt...or maybe I just needed a break but i'm back and will be excited to unveil some things to you soon...

For now I'll leave you happy with thoughts of wiggling giggling babies smeared in blueberries and ask what is sentimental for you? What are you a sucker for that you just can't give up because that beautiful dumb something ties you too a memory? a person? a time?

Share in the comments? please...

I wrote here previously about my own attachments. When my first biggest bigs was just a babe.

I like that I had mentioned hunting for OYA, this special turkish lace even then!

Images of a sentimental house, household, grows sentiment, knows sentiment, nutures sentiment, a museum of senitment...

And that wiggling, giggling beauty who helps with the photo shoots on cold grey Minnestoa winters.

night. xo