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Lace creative wraps for your hair.

emily kisa1 Comment

Hello friends...what in the world is a creative wrap?

 Kisa Collections creative wrap in white + gold for hair + bridal.

Kisa Collections creative wrap in white + gold for hair + bridal. is one long continuous strand a fine-gauge crocheted lace oya. These are sold in various motifs in 2 meter/79" lengths of lace to drape around your lovely self or in your home. 

Some beautiful friends and I are in the process of giving you ideas and tutorials for what to do with your creative wrap. Here is a sneak peek at our practice shoot...


What would you like to see more of? Do you have any ideas for our wraps? I would love to see how you wear your creative wrap.

If you could share it on pinterest or our facebook page that would be lovely. 

Also friends our little family will be heading back to Turkey for the summer.

To dip things in olive oil. 

To wrap our selves in sun and sea.

To have my babies hear their other mother tongue, Turkish again and reconnect with dear family there.

We will make it a priority, more collecting, growing and connecting for this, our budding business, our Kisa Collections.

What would you like to see while I'm there?

The sea, the food, craft and the babies. Pictures. Maybe a video or two?