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Featured is the lovely Anne Madison letting us get a glimpse into her every day life and favorite past times.

My name is Anne. I’m a born and raised Minneapolite. My curiosity of what lay beyond the craggy gray snow banks encapsulating us inside this city during what seems to be an eternal Minnesota winter has taken me through the badlands of South Dakota to the souks of Marrakech. I’m a bartender by trade at Cause Spirits and Soundbar in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis, but consider dreamer a more appropriate job title as it consumes most of my time and I am shocked that no one is paying me to do it.

I’m parent to two very naughty dogs and like most parents spend a lot of time defending their bad behavior and chalking it up to some horrible misunderstanding. I insist that Petunia jumping up on the table to swipe a nibble of my guests dinner was just a terrible fluke and that the shredded paper towel on the rug was likely done by an evil pantry troll. Nonetheless, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them, including gearing up in all my warmest outerwear to take them on an adventure through the woods at Weber park.


Minneapolite’s have mastered the art of combining fashion and comfort. Who says that winter can’t be sexy or chic?

I enjoyed traipsing about the wooded wonderland in my Kisa leggings. The attractive pattern is both classic and contemporary and the thick material provided great warmth. The magic combination! Hashtag leggings are pants. My wine colored coat was full but not bulky and sinched nicely with a cute belt and clasp, highlighting my lady shape, and most importantly, toasty warm. Also, I felt the dogs were proud to be seen with me. A valuable opinion.


Bartending is more than making drinks for me. Its an art. It’s 30 percent cocktails and 70 percent creating a mood. I am my establishments representative. I’m the first face people see when they come in and the last two faces they see at bar close. At work I want to be comfortable and put together. Clothing that translates an image but also allows me to move about quickly without feeling restricted or like my efficiency is being compromised is key. My Kisa shirt dress is just the sort of clothing that I look for when purchasing work attire. It’s chic and simple, modest yet sexy, and comfortable in a way that allows me to whip out whiskey shots and cold pints quicker than you can say “Can I have”.


As much as I love keeping Irish whiskey coursing through the veins of my beloved regulars and newcomers alike, I value my time away and the simple pleasures. Cozy sweaters, tea and honey, a good magazine, crackly records, cooking, and French press coffee are just a few of my down time favorites. My peacock blue Kisa sweater is just the sort of thing I want to wrap myself up in on a Saturday afternoon while lazing about. Thrown over my leggings while I read travel magazines or shamefully play fruit ninja on my phone, it’s a heavenly combination of beauty and comfort. A quick change of bottoms into jeans or a pair of cropped pants makes me ready for a night out of dinner and wine or an evening of behaving very badly shooting tang shots and beers.


Life is more than just work and pleasure. It’s also peppered with those obligatory toilet paper runs to target and cringe worthy trips to the DMV to renew your tabs. Although mundane, some care should be taken in dressing yourself for these lackluster tasks. I prefer to leave my sweats and Bart Simpson slippers behind when I head out the door. Jeans and my sturdy Kisa natural colored button up hoodie jacket are a casual look that requires little effort, but makes me feel like I’m allowed to be out in the world without upsetting too many people.


Kisa’s clothing is lifestyle clothing. It translates to all aspects of my life. It inspires the world traveler in me and comforts the Saturday afternoon bum. Kisa is Minneapolis and I would know, because I am Minneapolis. Happy trails everyone.

Styling and photography by Rebecca McDermott