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Meet Beth Mathews || Graphic Designer

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This Nashville based creative is not only a gem of a gal but also extremely talented.

She channels her creativity into her multi-faceted graphic design work all the while exuding her own unique style.

Yes, She's rocking her KISA clothing too!

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Q:  How did you choose graphic design as an outlet for your obvious creativity and curiosity of the world?

A: I initially had dreams of being a documentary film maker and in my first two years of college, I majored in video production.  The idea of story telling has always been really fascinating to me. I then discovered the beauty of graphic design.  There is a part of my personality that loves instant gratification and I realized that through graphic design, I could use design as a way of expressing creative thoughts and stories semi-quickly.  It's an always changing world which is great for someone like me who always seems to be switching from one interest to the next.

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Q: When you need to jump start your creativity or even give it a break what do you find yourself doing?

A: The best time for me to jump start creativity is in the morning.  I'll usually wake up, grab some coffee and think of some phrase or personal idea that I want to graphically create.  Personal projects for me are such a great way to try something new.  If you happen to follow along my instagram, you might notice little quotes or illustrations.  I usually make those types of things in the morning before heading into client work.

Q: What inspired you most today?

A: I'm currently in Brooklyn with some of my best friends.  There is so much to look at visually with the street art, cute coffee shops, flower shops on the street, etc.  I'm in creative inspiration overload at the moment...or maybe it's just the coffee talking.

Q: When you take on the town, what is most likely to be on your feet? i.e. are you a flats, pumps, or sneakers kind of a girl?

A: In the winter you'll most likely find me bopping around in my brown leather riding boots.  Since I've started working for myself, I've actually also started wearing my tennis shoes more often.  There have been several times where I've wanted to shout out loud "have you guys tried this whole tennis shoes thing?! It's amazing! It's so comfortable!"...

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Q: What's your favorite, hidden-gem-of-a-place to go to in your town?

A: Korea House!  Their dish Dolsot Bibimbap is a new found love of mine.  It's in a little bit of a sketchy neighborhood in a strip mall but the food is so incredible. 

Q: When you're hunting for a new something to wear, what color/pattern/style consistently jumps out, off the rack at you?

A: A lot of my clothes are from thrift stores and can be found in the Halloween section.  I've had to come to terms with the idea that others may think my style of clothes are 'play clothes'!  On that note, my eye tends to be drawn to patterns and polyester clothes from the 50s and 60s.  My favorite modern designer is Lauren Moffatt.  She channels bright colors and patterns with classic shapes and lines.  Her collection is definitely my dream wardrobe. 

That's Beth! We love her a lot and you can love more of her by visiting her blog, lovely portfolio and enjoying this little video of her creative process!

Thank you Beth for being such a lovely KISAgirl!

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