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Meet Ashley || BANGbang Salon and Creative Space

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We had the pleasure of chatting with this beauty, Ashley the owner and lead stylist of BANGbang salon and creative space.

We loved hearing her hindsight advice of staying sane as an entrepreneur.

Her style and sense of humor throughout are impressive.

She's a proponent of shopping small always supporting local Minneapolis businesses. 

Plus she has that wanderlust kind of a spirit that we so admire around here!

Read on friends...



Over three years ago, you took the courageous leap to open your own salon, BANGbang salon & creative space. What is one thing you've learned about yourself in the process? 

One thing...   Probably the biggest thing I have learned is that I am a control freak with lots of ideas!  In the beginning   I wanted to do everything myself and now!    It has taken about three years to find the right people and create one heck of a team!   And now, being able to let go of some of the control to other employees feels really good!  And sometimes they even have better and bigger ideas than I!  

 Ashley is wearing the olive romper and HAMSA necklace

Ashley is wearing the olive romper and HAMSA necklace

What's one of your favorite hair tips to tell your clients?

I love educating my clients on how to create an effortless look at home!   Best tip for that....   Isn't a huge secret and most of us at BANGbang preach the same tune....  Do NOT wash your hair everyday!!!

Spring is so close, we can practically taste it. In your world, what does a perfect spring evening entail?

I am realizing that spring is a weird time for me!   The back and forth weather?   The fact that I turn older each spring?  I  really am not sure what my hesitation is with spring!   But, it is a great time to start running outside again!   The smell of spring also makes me excited for patio get togethers!    

What patterns, colors, or styles are you currently obsessed with for spring?

I still love floral patterns and I look forward to getting out my white and ivory clothing items as well!   I am obsessed with rompers and believe you will be seeing me wearing them frequently this spring!


Tell us one item from your closet that you hate to leave home without.

Hmmm that's tough....   My fav clothing item would probably be my worn and beaten leather cowboy boots!  It is fun to pair them with spring dresses!   But, daily I can NOT live with out my tart matte lip stick!  

 Ashley is wearing the Mesh Maxi.

Ashley is wearing the Mesh Maxi.

What is one place–near or far–that you plan to go explore in the not-so-far-away future?

Locally, I look forward to visiting our art museums...  Walker/MIA  because it seems like a spring thing to do!  In the next year I hope to visit Paris and Barcelona....  because I haven't been to Europe and my mom and I have dreaming up a trip!  

 If you had to descripe Minneapolis in two words, what would they be & why?

 I have lived here for almost 12 years now and this is definitely the place I call home!  I recently had a new client she had lived in NyC for 5 years and London for a few!  She and her husband a cool/ creative young couple chose MPLS as the place to raise their children!  They found it to be More affordable, and seemed to have the opportunities and culture that they craved!  That made me think (huh, this is a cool place to live). And appreciate living here more!



Visit Ashley and her wonderful team at BANGbang salon and creative space

Shop Ashley's lovely looks in store or online.

Join us at our Spring Fling Thursday evening March 27th from 5-7. There will be local fashion bloggers styling the new spring line, grab bags so come early, and raffles all night long! We'd love to have you...