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Meet Sarah || this KISAcreative is running off to Spain

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Say hello to Sarah, our spring KISAcreative.

Sarah was quite literally one of our very first customers to walk into KISA Boutique when we first opened our door. She radiates kindness, curiosity, and warmth. After we met, I felt like I've known her for centuries—she's a good soul.

She instantly loved our KISA story—story of Turkey, my Mr. Kisa, and that oya obsession I just can't shake. She left the boutique that day with her very own OYA lariat holding an uncut agate.

Her sense of adventure laced with strength from her Minnesota roots is truly breathtaking. After all, those with strong roots also have the strongest branches.

Say whaaaat?? You're running away to work & play in Spain this summer?! How did this adventure come about?

After a huge life change back in September, I spent this Winter trying to rediscover who I am on my own. What I love, what I hate; ultimately Spain is hopefully the final healing stage. Go there a Caterpillar, comeback a Butterfly .

  Midsummer Nights Sweater // $32 + Torn from the Fashion mag Denim // in-store exclusive

Midsummer Nights Sweater // $32 + Torn from the Fashion mag Denim // in-store exclusive

What is one thing in your closet that you cannot & will not leave for Spain without?

I have a fantastic pair of printed Harem pants from KISA. They are like butter. High-waisted with a slouchy, adorable bow belt. I usually wear this gem in a dressy night-out way, but in Spain, I see these Harem pants as a staple everyday, beach-walking, souk-hunting piece.

What's on your "must do" list while you're living in Spain?

The Alhambra in Granda! I know is it “The #1 thing to do in Spain”, and generally I would like to find something that has fewer people to dodge, but I watched an Anthony Bourdain episode where he visited the Alhambra and explained, with cinematic excellence, the significance of the place. Plus, lately I have had a huge crush on Arabian and Moorish Textiles. The Alhambra is the perfect motif for photos. And yes, I even know what I am going to wear that day, and yes, it is from KISA.

  We're obsessed with Sarah's airplane tatoo.

We're obsessed with Sarah's airplane tatoo.

What patterns, colors, or styles are you currently obsessed with for spring?

I love this question. Every year my fashion partner in crime, Cait, and I discuss and determine said question. This year I am in to the flowy crop-top trend. I think it will be useful for the ungodly heat I am expecting in Spain this summer. Also, most of my closet is filled with solid colors, but an array of fabrics. Last year I was really into having lots of textile choices to work with for layering, but this year I think I need some more prints in my life i.e. closet. I can't think of a better place to get ideas and inspiration for prints than southern Spain.

  Black & Gold purse // In-store exclusive

Black & Gold purse // In-store exclusive

Tell us one of your favorite quotes.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water it. (Hint: We are the ‘Grass')

Traveling is obviously something that fuels your spirit. What's something you've learned while you've been out & about exploring the world?

“Fuel Your Spirit”. My god, yes it does. That might be the new hashtag I will use. Scratch that… it absolutely will be my new hashtage (love it: #FuelYourSpirit).

I have some underdeveloped theories of why traveling is what it is for the people that truly love it. In all honestly, I really hope I can fully understand that for myself this summer. Something I have learned: I always expected to discover travel and discover all the differences there are in people. I discovered the exact opposite. We are all the same; we want love, food, companionship, laughter, and peace.

If we'd like to stay tuned during your summer adventures, what's the best way to do that?

Instagram is the best way: dailyadventureofnemo is me. The blog is in progress and will be announced on Instagram. But let me tell you in advance, I am a photo person. Writing is better done by, well anyone else.

So, before you jet out, where might we spot you hanging out around town?

Well, I imagine I will be having a whiskey or two at the Liffey in Saint Paul with my girl, Samantha. I will probably have to have one more amazing Brunch at Grand Cafe with my Uptowners. Yoga sessions to calm me and keep my brain straight, and of course, there will be a lot of hugs and chatter with Emily at Kisa Boutique.

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