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KISAcreative Katie || creative genius behind Spill The Wine

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 Distressed Denim, Star Tank and Lace Cardigan from KISA

Distressed Denim, Star Tank and Lace Cardigan from KISA

Say hello to Katie Greemen. She's the fabulous owner of Lyn-lake's favorite small plate and wine bar, Spill The Wine. Located dangerously close to us at KISA (just one block), we love popping over to Spill to sit on their patio or share some happy hour with our best girlfriends.

We were lucky enough to shoot this lovely entrepreneur inside her restaurant while chatting away about how to enjoy the stresses of owning a small business while having little ones around. (We Momma biz owners need all the coaching we can get!)

We've been obsessed with her coconut milk mimosas forever but are literally drooling over her new menu made by her new chef.

Not too long ago, you made the big move from downtown Minneapolis to the Lyn-Lake neighborhood here in Uptown. What's something that's surprised you during this journey to a new location?

The neighborhood and local businesses were overwhelming supportive and just as excited for us to open as we were! At our last location, we didn't have the small business community like we currently have here in Lyn-Lake in Uptown. This has been completely essential to our business growth, support, and success. 

 Golden neckline blouse with bows down the back. Only available in our store.

Golden neckline blouse with bows down the back. Only available in our store.

Congrats on adding Chef Brian Hauke to your creative team! What's one fun way he's contributed to your team already?

His talent. Brian and I have very similar visions on where we want to take the restaurant. We’ve been working together to evaluate our current menu offerings, looking to see what changes we could make to keep in line with our current small plates offerings while catering to the creative talent Brian brings to the table. #SoFarASuccess

One of the things we particularly admire about you is that you are a momma and a local business owner. Any words of wisdom for us about how you've learned to balance it all?

Make a living to enjoy life! Life is just too short, our babies only get older and these are the precious moments we will never get back. My best advice? For your own good and peace of mind, find people you trust and put them in place to run the operations during your absence.

What colors, patterns, and textures are catching your eye this season?

Big, bright floral patterns. Also, I’m continuing to love lace and delicate, little romantic pieces.

What's your most treasured item hanging in your closet and why?

My distressed denim jeans from Kisa Boutique. I can wear them casually with flip-flops or dress them up with a pair of bright, orange heels. I get the most wear out of them, plus they really speak to my versatile style and daily comfort level.

Is there one place–near or far–that you plan to go explore in the not-so-far-away future?

Spain is on the not-so-far-away bucket list. I’d love to take Charlie, my 5 year old on this trip, and we talk about it often. Once he’s a few years older, we’ll totally get there! #trustyourwanderlust

When you're not spending time at Spill The Wine, where do you love to spend your time?

At home—I love to cook, do yard work, crafts, DIY projects. 

So, last thing, what item on your Spill The Wine menu do you wish you could eat every single day?

Oxtail ravioli—it's house made from scratch, simply delicious, and I cannot get enough of it!


Does all of this make you hungry for some small bites & bits of fashion? Come visit Spill The Wine, KISA Boutique, and our other fabulous neighbors this coming June 8th for the Lyn-lake street festival in cooperation with Open Streets. Lots of fun walking around, meeting the locals, and every table will have surprises. Don't miss the free street festival from 4-8PM. Bring your littles!