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Trendy Doesn’t Have to Mean Spend-y

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Gem of a blouse I found at KISA

We all have those dressing-room-deciding moments. You know the kind I’m talking about. You’ve perused around the store, handed hanger after hanger to the kind and eager sales assist, and now comes the hardest part—choosing. You twist this way and that in front of the mirror, brainstorming outfit pairings for various occasions in an attempt to convince yourself that this top is worth skipping your morning Starbucks for the next week (or two) to take it home with you.

See, I’m right in the midst of my college years, so at my age and budget, I find myself swearing by these two characteristics for all my clothing purchases: versatility and quality. When I find myself in the midst of a dressing-room-deciding moment, I always try to do a little mental check in. Can I wear this with what I already have in my closet? Will this look good now, and is it able to transition into my career years, too?

So, when your love for fashion is high and your budget is tight, finding a little that works with a lot is an absolute must. Luckily for us ladies, the local fashion experts at Kisa Boutique can easily solve any dressing-room dilemmas. Just recently, I found a gorgeous top that fits the bill in not just one, but four ways. Take a look!

1. Dress it Up

Tuck this top high into a maxi skirt and strap on a fun pair of wedges. The skirt will lengthen your legs while the tapered lace will draw in your waistline. Flattering and fashion-forward, this is a perfect ensemble for summer nights out at rooftop cafes, bars, and for backyard barbeques!

2. Effortless Essential

Everybody needs a go-to blouse for all those last minute get-togethers summer seems to bring. Toss this top on over a pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go! Because this blouse has already done the work for you by stitching together three contrasting yet, complementary textures, it stands beautifully on its own. Need something more? Adding a mid-length pendant necklace will not only add length to your top half, but a tasteful embellishment as well. 


3. Dressed Up Shorts

For hot summer days that call for something a little more substantial than running shorts and dry-fit tanks, tuck this trendy tank into a bright pair of three-inch chinos and you’ll be set for any daytime affair. 

4. Love to Layer

Whether it’s a cool night and you need to toss on a sweater when the sun goes down or all your essential layering basics are in the dirty laundry, this gem of a blouse should be the first thing you select from your closet. The simple front makes it easy to pair and the intricate back creates a fun touch if you need to shed a layer. Watch out, with its irresistible fabric, this tank might just become your newest closet essential. Buh-bye basic.

Found a spot for this top in your wardrobe yet? I knew you would. I, for one, will make any excuse to meander on down Lake Street in Uptown to see what’s new at Kisa Boutique!


While her university studies have lead her into new spaces, Maria has a special fondness for her hometown stomping grounds of Uptown, Minneapolis. Find more fashion musings from our friend over at